This is a typical Wilkins 950XLT
assembly used for residential irrigation.
new install

Proper new install of a Watts LF009QT RPBA
appropriately tagged with test report.

Typical backflow valve
Anatomy of a Backflow Valve
new install

Proper install service for a Boiler
Typical Fire Service valve
Fire Service Backflow Assembly in the
Space Needle Basement Mechanical Room
new install

Pumping out a flooded vault.
Typical Fire Service valve

RPBA failed. Upon Inspection the plastic
poppet had actually melted. Most likely
from using too much air pressure during
winter blow out.
new install

Assembly failed. The rubber disc
is cut and no longer seats
properly. Has to be replaced.
new install

New Install that was 2 feet underwater
and completely covered in mud and rocks
upon arrival. Had an irrigation box been
around the assembly this would not have
been the case.

new install

Hired to repair / replace a failed Febco 850
irrigation DCVA. Debris restricted the
rubber disc from seating properly. Easy fix.

new install

Two Toro RPBA assemblies in the mechanical
room of a dentist office. Have never seen this type
before. There is an inline filter seen in upper left
and the two new RPBA installs to the right.
new install

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